Celebrating 10 Years of Upopolis with 10 Amazing Months of Content for 10 Diagnosis!

Celebrating 10 Years of Upopolis with 10 Amazing Months of Content for 10 Diagnoses!

Who says birthday celebrations only last one day?!

To celebrate ten years of Upopolis, the programming team will be working with partners, potential partners and youth users to bring "Upoppers" ten months of focused and informative content to the medical resource library within the site - Uknow. This "U10" campaign will also work to raise awareness about Upopolis in hospitals across Canada and throughout various national healthcare communities.

Each of the ten months will focus on one of ten different patient populations/ diagnosis:

  • January - Auto Immune
  • February - Cardiology
  • March - Juvenile Arthritis/ Ortho
  • April - IBS &Crohn’s
  • May - Cystic Fibrosis
  • June - Rare Diseases
  • July / August - Camps
  • September - Childhood Cancer
  • October - Epilepsy
  • November - Diabetes
  • December - Amputee

Here is an example of U10 Programming happening monthly on Upopolis:

  • Weekly posts and content will be added to the site, like relevant info and facts related to the month's featured diagnosis.                                 
  • Upal Features, each month one or two Upals (youth in Upopolis' Leadership Program) will be interviewed and asked to share their stories. 
  • 1-2 users will be asked to lead the Crew Space (medical resource space) for the diagnosis of the month.  
  • Resource Development, youth and staff will be engaged from all Upopolis partner organizations to help with planning and creation of content and resources for the month.
  • New info and links will be added to the Crew Space for the diagnosis the month.
  • Existing relevant content on the site will be highlighted.