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Upedia is the only online psycho-social resource tool for Child Life Specialists and those working to support and enhance a child’s ability to better cope with their health care experiences. It is the only FREE comprehensive online resource for Child Life in North America.

With over 1,000 registered users around the world, and 2,527 Certificates of Attendance given to Child Life professionals for participating in our webinars, the need for the resources we provide is rising.

What you may not realize is that while Upedia’s resources and webinars are completely free to you, we receive no government funding to operate or grow. Upedia and our parent foundation (Kids’ Health Links Foundation) relies on the generosity of donors to ensure that we as professionals have the tools we need to help children cope.

Donate to Upedia this Giving Tuesday

November 28th is Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back. It’s your opportunity to help ensure that you and your colleagues continue to benefit from all that Upedia offers. We’re hoping that you will consider making a gift to support the only FREE comprehensive online resource for Child Life in North America. Your help will enable Upedia users to:

  • Access our resource library of 1,600+ resources collected from leading hospitals. It is updated weekly to advance the Child Life Practice;

  • Share ideas and strategies with peers.  You can get direct support from a colleague by posting your questions and ideas on Upedia’s discussion board. It connects Child Life Specialists worldwide while creating a bigger Child Life community. You also get free access to our full membership directory;

  • Connect through our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to access the most relevant, up to date, innovative and evidence-based practices;

  • Continue your professional development through our webinars.  Since launching in 2013, more than 2,500 Child Life professionals have participated in our interactive online educational events that feature topics identified as being most important by Upedia’s registered members.