The Kids' Health Links Team

Our amazing KHLF Team is project specific and on contract for implementations of our programs and initiatives. We have no permanent employees or overhead. 

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Krista Naugler, National Program Manager

As Upopolis' National Program Manager, Krista is focused on outreach to hospitals and health care centres both across Canada and the U.S. She supports and seeks out new partners, leads trainings, and looks for ways to increase usership. She also manages special projects and partnerships that involve the Upopolis Program, as well as acting as liaison with the TELUS team responsible for hosting and maintaining the technology platform. Krista is also the main point of contact and  responsible for liaising with the other Upopolis Hospitals, Site Superusers and Approved Online Referrers.

Jessica Miller-Poesch, Uknow Content Coordinator

Jessica, is the Upopolis Program Coordinator, focused on site content and programming, supporting users, and managing the Umentor-Upal Leadership Program on the platform. Jessica is also responsible for Uknow, the multimedia library of age-appropriate medical information on Upopolis. Her important work includes updating and adding vetted and valuable resources to the Uknow space and helping to manage the Upopolis hospital and health care organization spaces. Jessica is always looking for creative ways to keep Upopolis users engaged and grow the value and content on the site! 

Elaine Skene – Upopolis Social Group Coordinator

As the Social Group Coordinator, Elaine is working on spreading the word about Upopolis to youth, families, health care professionals and organizations through various forms of social media. Elaine is always looking for ways to make sure youth and health care professionals find their way to Upopolis, hoping that it gives them access to either peer support or a way to extend their service beyond the hospital walls.

Cathy Humphreys - Clinical Advisor to Upopolis / Upedia

Co-Director and Chair of Admissions, Child Life Studies; Assistant Clinical Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics; Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University.

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Marni Harold, Program Manager

Kathy Payette, National Ambassador

Tana Nash, National Ambassador

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Jessica Miller-Poesch, Program Manager