While the principles of child life have been practiced for decades, the child life field is still in its infancy, so a critical aspect of the Canadian Child Life Institute's (CCLI) work will be in the hands of its Child Life Ambassadors. The Ambassadors will be fully qualified child life specialists who serve as advocates for both the child life field and for the knowledge, innovations, and clinical practices developed by the Institute.


Building a National Program

Ambassadors will consult with their child life peers across Canada (working in both English and French as required) and work to collect resources, data, and best practices in order to populate research-enabling databases. The Ambassadors will also work on building a national community of child life professionals, identifying key research and resource development needs, and advocating for system changes that promote child life principles. The Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders (CACLL) is prepared to be a strong partner with the CCLI in supporting this aspect of the CCLI’s program.