Leading the Way

The CCLI will be a psychosocial-based collaborative research and best practices initiative among the leading children’s hospitals across Canada and ultimately, the worldwide community of child life and pediatric professionals.  The first initiative of its kind, the establishment of the CCLI will position Canada as a global leader within the pediatric health care community.


Psychosocial Needs Research

While research dollars are commonly available to help determine the best types of treatment and medical interventions, it can be challenging to acquire funds to determine what approaches are most effective in helping children and families manage and process these experiences from a social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and developmental perspective.  The best available, current and reliable evidence is what drives funding and the allocation of resources for programs and services in the medical and professional world today.


The Program

The CCLI will fulfill this need by initiating and conducting an ambitious research program on the care of the emotional, psychological, and social needs of children, youth and their families.  

The CCLI will be led by an Endowed Chair in Child Life Studies, the first position of its kind in the world.  The Chair will be responsible for developing resources that empower pediatric health care providers and will encourage future generations of child life professionals by engaging highly-qualified graduate students in research, clinical practice and academic excellence.


Health Care Impact & Benefits

Through dedicated time and resources to question, research, discover and communicate clinical findings, we believe pediatric health care providers will be in a better position to provide the best support and care practices to children and youth. Their efforts will work to minimize distress, optimize treatment outcomes and recovery times and enhance the coping and emotional adjustment to hospitalization, health care, illness, or other potentially stressful events.


A Local Solution with Global Outreach

The Canadian Child Life Institute (CCLI) is the first international child life initiative of its kind.